Enjoy Motherhood!

Being pregnant at 16 was very emotional. Exciting, motivating, emotional, frustrating, and a whole bunch more! As a pregnant teen I had a lot of questions and concerns, worries and doubts, thoughts and plans. Maybe it’s just me but I felt as if I were going to annoy my doctor if I was constantly asking and questioning things so I would just Google some stuff. Sometimes Google made me even more worried and anxious, which was horrible. I’m the type of person to over think and stress about the smallest things; imagine how much stressing I was doing. I signed up on all the baby pages existing to get information and receive emails tracking my pregnancy. I downloaded about 20 apps on my phone that all said the same thing. Soo many questions and concerns and nowhere to go to for answers besides the internet. A first time mom has a lot to learn. I look back now and realize I was going crazy. I asked things like “why am I 4 months and barely showing, Google said my belly is supposed to be 20 inches and I’m only 17 so what’s up? What I do wrong?”. “I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin, is that bad? Should I take 2 vitamins tomorrow or drink extra orange juice?” Ones that depressed me the most were “What do I need to baby proof my home?” or “How mych tuna can I eat in one week?” or “If the roast beef on my sandwich isn’t preheated to 193748 degrees, will my baby get an infection?”  

Kill me now this is too much,” I thought, but then would I cry and take it all back and thank god for blessing me with my baby, but 10 minutes later be going crazy again, lol. It wasn’t funny in the moment though.

Thankfully I received prenatal care at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and they offered me the opportunity to become part of a group called Centering Pregnancy, where you would receive your prenatal care with other young moms and sit down as a group for 2 hours going over everything pregnancy related. I was excited to hear about it and joined. I was really passionate to become a part of this because at 16, there is no curriculum to teach on pregnancy in school. My main reasons on joining and becoming involved were because I wanted to see if my pregnancy was going as everyone else’s, and make sure it was normal. I wanted to be in a space that I can ask all the questions in the world and not feel uncomfortable because maybe someone else had the same concern too. I wanted to be around people and make friends with girls going through the same or similar experiences. I wanted answers to my questions and relief to my concerns. It was honestly one of the best things that happened to me during my pregnancy.

It’s okay for a young, first time mom to feel like her world is crumbling. That’s why it is important to get all the support they can and be linked with helpful resources. My best advice for teen parents is to never feel afraid or ashamed of wanting to get involved more, or ask a billion questions. After all, we do want the best for our families and I’m pretty sure a 35 year old first time mom would have all these questions/concerns too.

My son is now two and now I am not worrying about how to baby proof the house anymore, because kids are smart and figure out everything J it is very cute, and annoying at times, I do admit it. But the more they learn the easier it is to go about every-day tasks and it makes me feel accomplished. I am now working on potty-training. Jesus, help me! It hasn’t been that easy for us as it may for other parents with their kids, but after all that I have learned I know that every kids works at their own pace, and I’m not google-ing anything and going crazy about it.

Enjoy motherhood, it’s great!


We are so honored and grateful to have you here! It's so important that we let young mamas know that not knowing everything is a perfectly normal part of parenthood. <3

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